From May 19th in France, let’s eat out!

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After several months of lockdown, the Food Service industry is finally coming back to life in France. Sirha Food joins the movment and invites you TO EAT OUT!

Since Octobre 2020, the health crisis had deprived France of something very precious, something that is part of its identity, heritage, and lifestyle: eating out at the table.

Such a simple thing, and yet so culturally and humanly essential. Sitting at a table to share a meal with our friends and loved ones. A triviality that becomes suddenly exceptional in the choice and quality of the dishes and wines, unique in the stories told around the table, essential in the shared complicity briming with flavours, taste, and laughter.

Since Octobre 2020, the city streets no longer echoed with the joyous hubbub and clatter of plates and cutlery, emptied of their festive soul and spirit they were deserted by the French spirit of shared food and cooking.

So, at last, LET’S EAT OUT!

At last, let us experience the joy of sharing, long summer evenings, the vibrancy of life. Let us shake up our cities’ torpor. Experience the pleasure of seeing our favourite chefs in their kitchens, rejoice in the complicity between winemakers and sommeliers, appreciate the smile behind the counters, celebrate birthdays and family meals on Sunday, and rekindle our appetite for partying.

To ensure that France stands proud once more in the world, that international tourism can enjoy the taste of what our territories have to offer. To ensure that all the those who work in catering, cooking, service, wine, fine dining, etc, can return to their cheerful dining rooms, bars, and cafés.
To make sure that the hundreds of thousands of professionals can once again get up early in the morning and finish late in the evening. So that our markets, producers, and farmers may resume their relationships with their demanding chef clients who ensure their patrons are satisfied.

During these past months of forced reduced activity, Sirha Food has endeavoured to convey the daily struggles of the chefs, restauranteurs, and all players in the Food Service industry in their efforts to adapt to this unprecedented crisis.

A few months ahead of Sirha Lyon and the major contests Bocuse d’Or and Pastry World Cup, and only a few weeks before Sirha Omnivore Paris, all the Sirha Food event brands join force to encourage the French and international customers to return to the restaurants and hotels. Our trade fairs and events will be back as early as September, attesting to the fact that our heritage might have been put on standby by the virus, but it is back and greater than ever, together.

LET’S EAT OUT! Is a cry for solidarity for the food service industry as much as it is an enthusiastic invitation to join your favourite restaurants and discover new ones. All for food service!

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