Bocuse d'Or 2021, reflecting a changing culinary world

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The Bocuse d'Or Final ( 26th and 27th September 2021, Eurexpo, Lyon) promises to be full of new features and more than ever keeping up with the social trends in cuisine.

The prestigious competition is being renewed to reinforce its role as a laboratory of excellence and to inspire tomorrow’s restaurants.


The unique context in which the Food Service sector has been operating for over a year has pushed chefs to adapt and to adopt unprecedented solidarity-based initiatives. The Bocuse d'Or pays tribute to them in its 2021 edition.

As part of its social and environmental approach, the Bocuse d'Or is creating the Bocuse d'Or Social Commitment Award.
This new award, developed in partnership with the Bocuse d'Or Winners association, highlights a team's social commitment in areas related to food, such as: food aid, meal distribution, the fight against food waste, sustainable agriculture, education, training, etc.

Label Rouge beef and Take away

The platter theme, in partnership with Label Rouge beef, will feature a hot dish based on whole braised beef chuck, presented for the first time on a same platter for all candidates, financed by the competition organization and designed by their partner De Buyer.

Echoing the new ways of catering that have emerged during the pandemic, the Bocuse d'Or is introducing a  « Take away » theme instead of the plate theme.

Candidates will have to create a takeaway menu based on 3 dishes (starter, main course, dessert), and the same seasonal product: the tomato, in partnership with the French food wholesaler METRO.
All of this will be presented in a box developed by the candidates themselves using plant-based materials, and which must be reusable.

24 teams in competition

  • Europe: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland

  • Asia-Pacific: Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand

  • Africa: Morocco and Tunisia

  • Americas: Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Uruguay

  • Wild Cards: New Zealand and Russia


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