Sirha Innovation Awards 2021: summary and winners

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Of the 283 innovations qualified (172 food, 111 equipment), 197 participated in the Sirha Innovation Awards 2021 (125 food, 72 equipment). 33 were named (18 food, 15 equipment).

Since 2009, Food Service Vision (FSV) has carried out a study every two years in collaboration with Sirha Lyon in order to identify future trends in Food Service. The firm systematically analyzes the novelties put forward during the show through 5 areas of innovation: Well-being, Consciousness, Territoriality, Experience and Functional.
The Functional territory represents nearly a third of the innovations presented, with an increase of 6 points compared to 2019. In the Conscience territory, FSV notes an acceleration of “responsible” innovations: 18% of the innovations presented, ie 7 points more than in 2019. 16% for innovation around Well-being and 15% for Territoriality. And it is the territory of L’Experience which remains predominant in catering, concerning 20% of innovations (both in food and in equipment via tableware).

Return of the set point

According to Laure Gosselin, Associate Director of FSV, this year is marked by the acceleration of "responsible" innovations with a dynamic of new products present in the Conscience territory. They represent 18% of the innovations presented, or 7 points more than in 2019. A territory that displays 60% of food products and 40% of equipment. She notes that there are fewer health innovations, but also a large investment by manufacturers in the development of the range of health products (organic iced tea with stevia and pastries with a controlled glycemic index by Alixe Bornon in partnership with the Dessert Company ...)
Manufacturers are increasingly engaging in an approach aimed at limiting the environmental impact by even starting to integrate the eco-responsible dimension throughout the value chain. This is evidenced by the innovation Oabika from Valrhona.
Oabika is a concentrate of cocoa juice, this still little valued white pulp which protects the beans in the pod. By promoting cocoa pulp in collaboration with the Swiss-Ghanaian start-up Koa, Valrhona is pursuing its commitments for a fair and sustainable cocoa sector by using an additional element of the pod - thus contributing to the reduction of waste from the production of the cocoa pod. cocoa - and by allowing cocoa producers to generate additional income from the sale of this co-product.

While the innovation dynamic is still strong this year in packaging with new recyclable solutions, the real star this year in packaging management is the deposit, which is making a big comeback. Luggage storage for the end customer with special hermetic Gilac deposit boxes for take-out or delivery, in food-grade plastic, durable and 100% recyclable ... but also professionals. Valrhona has therefore developed a new method of distributing chocolate blankets in returnable reusable containers to replace its usual disposable packaging; and the start-up Pandobac, which offers a rental service for reusable transport bins.




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